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India is the diabetes capital of the world; if unchecked, millions more will fall prey. The vision of the #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree movement is to address this raging epidemic by entrusting the power back in the hands of the people so our country can reverse the trend by 2030. To partner this cause, Fortune Foods introduced a healthy companion, Fortune VIVO Oil.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take on this disease by encouraging people to stay ahead of it and inspiring their family & friends to follow a healthier lifestyle. With Fortune VIVO Oil, the intention is to make one eat better, live fuller & stay fitter.

Eat better by using our healthier oil for cooking to stay ahead. Live fuller & stay fitter by being pro-active in everything you do to nourish the heart, body and mind. In essence, we want to ignite a nationwide movement of change that starts with the idea to #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree.


Mann Ki Baat for Making

India Diabetes Free

With PM Shri Narendra Modi's inspiring #MannKiBaat speech on World Health Day, we also aligned with his visionary stance to #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree.

People came out in large numbers to support our #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree movement.

  • >10,000 played

    the DQ game & were assigned avatars.

  • heart

    People who joined the #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree voice through Notional Pledges such as likes, shares & comments.

  • heart

    People who subscribed to the VIVO Way of Life via interactions throughout the journey.

  • heart

    Our message was seen by diabetics and those at risk.

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The Stepping Stone to #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree

While the oil was unveiled by the fit & fab Parineeti Chopra, users could catch all the action through a live stream on YouTube and through live tweeting. From the Kabuki dance performance to the discussions on health and food, the event definitely caught eyes of many.

Meet the Stars


With the release of Kapoor & Sons right around the corner, we took the opportunity to spread the message. Users sent in slogans telling us how to #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree and a few lucky ones got a chance to meet the star cast of the movie.

Slogans which won our hearts

winners winners winners
Meet the Stars
Meet the Stars

Know Your Diabetes Quotient to Live the VIVO Way of Life

To #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree, we wanted to bring in a special life coach to help millions tide over this deadly disease. We gave the oil can a makeover in the form of VIVO Buddy, who guided people to a wholesome lifestyle.

We introduced the concept of DQ (Diabetes Quotient) via an innovative food game. Every player was offered numerous food choices, which helped detect a DQ score on the basis of which they received an avatar. The score was an indication of both dietary knowledge and attitude.

Players were assigned 4 personalities mapped out on the basis of their DQ:

Balan Sigh, Kam Kam Sen, Khaliya Bhatt and Fikar Akhtar.

Balan Singh
KamKam Sen
Khaliya Bhatt
Fikar Akhtar

VIVO Buddy, taking up his duty as the guide, was a Cooking Companion who gave updates on diabetic-friendly food along with recipes, an Exercise Ally with fitness tips and de-stress mantras, a Myth-busting Mentor who revealed facts and a Grooming Guru with secrets to rejuvenate.

The VIVO Agreement - For Couples on a Mission!

Then came the next phase of the #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree movement. We reached out to various couples to sign the VIVO Agreement, which was a simple understanding between them to keep their diabetic partner's blood sugar level under control via regular exercise and the right food. While users gave us tips, we also aided them with our panel nutritionist who replied with customized advice.


Couples who made it official:

Rashu Rashu
koyeli koyeli
Archana Archana
Calla Calla
Shailendra Shailendra
Sanjeev-Talwar Sanjeev-Talwar

The Grand Finale: World Diabetes Day

The Day the Nation Pledged to #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree!

Why fight diabetes when you can stay ahead? On World Diabetes Day, we took our mantra to eat better, stay fit and enjoy a joyous life and positioned it as the key to leave diabetes light years behind.

We introduced the Diabetes Detective Quiz to help people know where they stand in the diabetes spectrum.

Diabetics, at-risks and caregivers stepped out and took their first step towards a diabetes-free life by sharing stories that will help #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree:

A healthy collaboration for a hungry Mumbai

Fortune VIVO Oil has become a favourite in the Holachef kitchens for preparing wholesome and delectable dishes from its popular daily menu. While joining our movement to #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree, one can treat themselves to healthy, tasty flavours from Holachef delivered straight to their doorsteps.

Through an integrated digital approach, we gave health-conscious people, diabetics, caregivers and those at risk a credible platform to join the voice. They even shared how Fortune VIVO Oil made a difference in their lives: