VIVO Buddy


Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi,

Honourable Prime Minister of India.

Subject: A new freedom movement.


On March, 27th 2016, as you addressed this nation in “Mann Ki Baat”, you entrusted us with a responsibility. The responsibility of reversing the trend of one of the biggest hurdles in India’s progress, Diabetes. As you further your own initiatives, we, at Fortune Foods intend to act on your trust.

India has over 70 million already diagnosed with Diabetes and over a 100 million who are at risk. Apart from eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle, one of the biggest factors of insulin-resistant Diabetes is work-related stress. If we are to make an impact on the hold Diabetes has on India, we need to address it at an organisational level, making it the stepping-stone for our dreams.

So, on this World Diabetes Day, each of us will take a solemn pledge: To stay ahead of Diabetes by having healthy yet tasty meals, partaking in 1 hour of daily physical activity and creating a conducive and stress-free environment.

If every leader, every employee, every Indian shares this letter and takes the pledge, it is enough for this movement to snowball into a nation-wide revolution against Diabetes, and usher in a new, resurgent India.

All we need is your blessing.

The Fortune VIVO Team