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Go Gourmet, the VIVO Way!

Craving a fine dining experience in the comfort of your home? Perfectly-cooked components, beautifully plated, with bursts of flavour in every bite… 

Just pick and drop any 3 ingredients onto the platter, and Fortune VIVO Buddy will guide you through a simple, diabetes-friendly gourmet recipe, using those elements.  

Go ahead, toss in the ingredients to begin your gourmet experience, with exotic dishes cooked with the goodness of Fortune VIVO Oil!

Drag & drop any 3 of these ingredients to rustle up your gourmet fare!

Fortune VIVO Buddy suggests a dash of his favourite oil!

Presenting droolworthy, diabetic-special !

drag Spices Chicken Veggies Oats Brown Rice oil

Spices | Brown Rice | Oats | Veggies | Chicken