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Fortune VIVO Oil - your healthy kitchen companion!

Fortune VIVO

Diabetes, or the fear of it, often leads people to take on rigid diets that focus on what you can't eat...rather than what you should!

A healthy diet is not just boring and bland. Smart food choices can make a healthy diet delicious and exciting too!

Clinical research shows that in just 2 months Fortune Vivo helps manage your sugar level


The product’s efficacy has been researched and published in two prestigious journals:

Remember, whether you're diabetic, at risk, or simply health-conscious, the smart choice is Fortune VIVO Oil.

oil is well

Fatty and oily foods usually end up with the "avoid" label. But fats are essential for your body, you just need to choose the right ones!

Why Fortune VIVO?

sugar level

Helps reduce blood sugar level*


Improves insulin sensitivity*


Helps control high blood pressure**


Healthy oil that benefits the entire family*

Fortune VIVO Oil

Using Fortune VIVO - a healthy, balanced oil for your regular cooking, brings out the best taste in cooked food, and benefits the entire family.

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*The American Journal of Medicine (2016) 129. 731-739 I **Journal of Clinical Lipidology (2016) 10, 339-349 Reference: Proceeding of American Diabetes Association at Bostan USA June 5-9, 2015 (Page No. 834 P) Fortune VIVO advises disciplined lifestyle as advised by your physician along with using Fortune VIVO as your cooking medium.